Alice E. Nugent

Alice E. Nugent (circa 1875-1971) was George and Anna Nugent’s third child of four, born circa 1875. She graduated from Central Colored High School. Alice later studied at State University and at Kentucky State Industrial College. She started teaching in 1896. Alice taught at Main-Street Colored School, Central Colored School, Paul Dunbar Colored School, and Madison Street Colored Junior High School. She also acted as principal for Ward Colored School. Alice retired from teaching in 1946. Through her club work, Alice also traveled across the country promoting education, suffrage, and community advancement. She was a founding member of the Woman’s Improvement Club. She played the piano, sang, and arranged various vocal performances at local, state, and national club events. She even wrote the Kentucky Clubwomen’s song called “Kentucky Clubs.” Alice was Corresponding Secretary of the Kentucky State Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs and a member of the City Federation of Colored Women’s Clubs. She was Secretary of the Ladies Auxiliary for the YMCA and Secretary of the Kentucky Negro Education Association. In March of 1924, Alice stayed with the famous suffragist, Mary McLeod Bethune, in Daytona, Florida. In turn, Bethune was the house guest of Georgia and Alice Nugent in April 1939.
Also a part of the national effort of the National Association of Colored Women, Alice worked to raise funds for the Frederick Douglass Memorial and Historical Association. As a member of the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, she donated scholarship money to women for college educations. The Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Alice E. Nugent Scholarship is still awarded by the Louisville Alumni Chapter. Alice died on November 30, 1971. Photo of Alice is from “Pictorial Directory of the Kentucky Association of Colored Women.” The photo is of the Georgia A. Nugent Improvement Club, Alice is seated on the first row, 6th from the left. The portrait of Alice is from Carol Mattingly.- Bio by Girl Scout Laura Bache. Her project’s FB page: Shattering the Glass Ceiling: A Girl Scout Gold Award Project. Her Instagram featuring more role models like Alice: @rolemodelmoxie