Catherine “Katie” (Bisinger) Cochran

Catherine “Katie” (Bisinger) Cochran (1865-1920) was born to Anton and Elizabeth (Lockner) Bissinger, German immigrants, on November 13, 1865 in Louisville. She was the second of seven children. Anton was a laborer and Elizabeth kept house. The family lived in the Germantown Neighborhood. Between 1888 and 1901, five of Katie’s siblings succumbed to tuberculosis before reaching the age of 30. Tuberculosis was also known as Phthisis, Consumption, and the White Plague as well as the Robber of Youth as it had a higher death rate amongst young people. Her family is buried in Section A, Range 19, Lot 46 of Eastern Cemetery with a large monument.

On November 30, 1886, Katie married Jefferson “Jeff” Cochran in Louisville, and together they had three sons: Arthur, Herbert, and Milton. The 1900 Census showed the family living near Middletown with Jeff working as a notary public. Also living with the family was an adopted daughter Leonora and Jeff’s sister Ruby. The 1910 Census showed the family still living in Middletown. Jeff was a Jefferson County Deputy and Katie kept house. The couple’s three sons were still living at home. Arthur was a teamster, Herbert was a quarryman, and Milton was an engineer for the L&N Railroad. Lenora was listed as Lenora Botto, a niece, with her sister Anna Botto. The girls were daughters of Katie’s sister, Minnie (Bissinger) Botto, who died of tuberculosis in 1896.

On March 4, 1916, Jeff died at the age of 54. He was buried in Section B, Range, 4, Lot 31 of Eastern Cemetery. In 1920, Katie was the head of the house living on a farm on Shelbyville Pike. Arthur, Herbert, and his wife Georgia were also living with her. On May 10, 1920, Katie died of a stroke at the age of 54. She was buried with her husband. Their graves are unmarked. Their sons were later buried in the family plot. In the photo, Katie is on the left and her niece Beatrice is on the right. The photo is from Ancestry user rec1046.