Dr. Andrew Lyman Paey

Dr. Andrew Lyman Paey (circa 1875-1940) was born in Kentucky to an unknown father and Ellen Paey. There is very little documentation on his early life. In 1906, Andrew received his state medical license in Virginia. He ranked first in the exam, which included 30 applicants. According to the newspaper article from the “Richmond Planet,” he “is of one of the best families in the state of Kentucky, five of whom were public school teachers and three are now practicing physicians.” Prior to receiving his medical license in Virginia, Paey was a principal in a Kentucky school and a graduate from Meharry Medical College in Tennessee where he taught bacteriology. In 1904, he was a surgeon for coal mines in West Virginia, and he then practiced medicine in Indian Territory and Kansas. On June 30, 1908, he married Ida Nugent, in Louisville, and they had no children. They lived in Norfolk, VA throughout their adult lives where they were active in politics and public health initiatives. Dr. Paey died on July 27, 1940 in Norfolk, Virginia. He is buried in the Nugent Family Lot in Eastern Cemetery. Photo of Dr. Paey is from “Richmond Planet” August 18, 1906.