Eastern Cemetery’s Andy Harpole Nominated for Rare Life Award

It brings us great joy to announce that Andy Harpole, the leader of “Friends of Eastern Cemetery,” has been named as a contender in Eagle Rare’s “Rare Life Award.”

Andy has spent hundreds of hours, thousands of dollars, and provided the group the use of his own personal equipment to help maintain and preserve Eastern Cemetery.  In short, Andy is the reason the group came together the way it has.

Andy has a great shot at winning, but we need your help!  Please vote for Andy on the Eagle Rare Life Award website by clicking here!

You may vote once every 24 hour period.  This means that your daily vote could make all the difference! The winner of this contest will receive $50,000.00 for their charity.  This money could do wonders to help Eastern with new equipment, gas, and paint.

Let’s do everything we can to help this wonderful guy out!

Congratulations, Andy! We are proud of you!