Eastern needs you now!

We’ve had several people comment about how bad Eastern Cemetery looked a week ago compared to how good it looks currently, so we want to take a minute and explain a few things. For many years Dismas Charities, which is a prisoner reentry program, has had a grounds keeping crew that helped maintain Eastern, Greenwood, and Schardien cemeteries. Late last year, Dismas’s equipment was stolen, and they are no longer coming out to the cemeteries as far as we can tell.

This means that ALL maintenance falls onto the volunteers, which is why the cemetery looked so bad up until midweek. We were lucky enough to get a last minute grant approval which enabled us to pay a lawn care company to help. That company was kind enough to clear their existing schedule and make Eastern the priority so that it would be in good shape for Memorial Day.

Now that the grass is momentarily under control, it is up to each and every person reading this to keep it that way. All it takes is one weekend with low volunteer turnout and the grass will be out of control for the rest of the year. WE NEED YOUR HELP to have a fighting chance at keeping the grass at the cemetery under control. Whether you’ve volunteered for years or never at all, now is the time to step up and help if you want Eastern Cemetery to remain a respectable place in your community.

If you cannot physically mow or weed eat, we have other things you can help with. You could come help greet volunteers, supply and pass out refreshments, take photos, etc. These are tasks that require our volunteers to stop working to handle. Your help could keep them on their mowers longer.

If you live out of town, please share our Facebook posts and help get the word out. You can also make donations on our website or by mail.