India Hogue aka Lillie Henderson

India Hogue aka Lillie Henderson (circa 1864-1884) supposedly left home from Lebanon, IN at 17 years of age and moved to Louisville to become a prostitute. Known as Lillie Henderson, she worked for three separate Madams: Hattie Lawrence (438 S. 10th St. formerly 630 S. 10th St.), Mertie Edwards (722 W. Green St. formerly 730 W. Green St.), and Gertie Collins (714 W. Green St. formerly 720 W. Green St.). India died of meningitis at the age of 20. No other information on India, or Lillie, could be found. Louisville had three main districts for prostitution: Lafayette-Marshall Red Light District (located Preston through Wenzel St. and Grayson and Walnut St.), The Chute (located around intersection of Floyd and Jefferson St.), and Green-Grayson Red Light District (located 6th through 11th St. and Green and Grayson St.). Streetwalkers were concentrated at Green through Market St. and 2nd through 8th St. An 1895 guide of Louisville for the encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic lists numerous brothels and other sites for visiting. Hattie Lawrence’s establishment was featured.