James C. Snow

James C. Snow was born in Minter, Alabama in 1915. He was the only child of James F. and Ethel Snow. He enlisted in the Army in Jan. 1943 at 27 years of age. While in the Army he served in 3 wars WWII, the Korean, and Vietnam wars. He met and married is wife Bessie in 1948 and together they had 5 children. He was stationed in Germany, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam. The family later joined him while stationed in Washington, DC and Okinawa, Japan. He retired from the Army in Nov. 1964, and he and the family returned to Louisville in 1965. James enjoyed his civilian life with his family before he became ill in 1972. He passed away in 1975 at 59 years of age. His memory will continue to live on in the hearts of his family. Thank you for serving your country for 21 years. This biography was written by his son James M. Snow and his granddaughter Michelle Snow. Thank you for your contribution!