Loraine (Sneed) Parsons

Loraine (Sneed) Parsons (1896-1971) was a native of Woodford County, KY. She was married at least three times with last names of Duvall, Theobold, and Parsons. At the time of her death, Parsons was a widow with four daughters and one son. She was the owner and operator of the Adair Grocery Store (aka Adair Restaurant aka Moonlight Café) located in the Limerick Neighborhood at 1148 S. 7th Street. Parsons also lived at that address. Unfortunately the building has been demolished. According to several newspaper articles, Parsons was arrested for violating liquor license laws. In one particular incident in 1947, police broke up a “beer-bottle barrage” and “free-for-all” which led to the arrest of nine men and three women participants. Parsons establishment was open for at least 30 years during which time she consistently owned and operated it. This was a feat for a female entrepreneur at this time.