Rev. Garrell H. Winstead

Rev. Garrell H. Winstead (1875-1953) was born in Nebo, KY to Samuel and Betty (Elliott) Winstead. In 1905, he married Hannah Webster, and together they had five children: Maggie, Lee Anna, Elizabeth, Samuel, and Henrietta. A graduate of Simmons College of Kentucky, Winstead taught in Kentucky and Illinois schools until 1903. He began working for the post office and retired from there in 1940. Winstead was ordained in the Zion Baptist Church in 1915. He served as a pastor at Beargrass Baptist Church (1918-1929) and at Zion Baptist Church (1937-1945). His wife Hannah, who we featured in a biography last year, preceded him in death in 1951. Together they lived at 1649 Hale Avenue in the California Neighborhood. Photos are from Find A Grave member Keith Winstead and Ancestry member MadMannixx.