Taking pre-orders for shelled and un-shelled black walnuts!


eastern walnuts

Eastern Cemetery is blessed with some awesome natural resources.  This time of year we have black walnuts in season and are in the process of curing them. Right now we are taking pre-orders with delivery coming around October 31 and stretching until Christmas.  We have a limited amount so get your pre-orders in quick.  These treats will go fast!

These nuts came straight from the cemetery and the volunteers of Eastern Cemetery have collected, hulled, washed, cleaned and cured each and every one of them.  We have two different options available:

1 pound bag of in-shell walnuts = $8

5 pound bags of in-shell walnuts = $36


1 pound bag of already shelled black walnuts = $16

5 pound bag of already shelled black walnuts = $72

Please click here to make your pre-order.  Please include your name, number, and poundage of in-shell or already shelled walnuts that you would like.

Thank you!