Washington Spradling, Jr.

Washington Spradling, Jr. (circa 1831-1870) was the son of successful barber and businessman, Washington Spradling and Lucy Ann Jackson. Washington was one of five total siblings and one half brother. On July 4, 1820, Washington married Louisa Williams in Louisville, KY. At the time of their marriage, Louisa was 15 years old and as a result, the marriage required parental consent. The couple began their life together living with Washington’s sister Martha and her husband James Lewis, a barber. His brother William and his brother-in-law James were barbers too. Washington was a barber throughout his life. In 1851, Washington and Louisa started to grow their family. Together the couple had five children: William, James, Joseph, Mary, and Washington III. Washington Spradling, Sr. played a significant role in establishing an African American presence in the Russell Neighborhood. After the Civil War, Washington Spradling, Jr. helped establish the Smoketown Neighborhood, a predominately African American neighborhood, on land he inherited from his father. Washington died from cancer on January 13, 1870. He was 42 years old. He is buried at Eastern Cemetery in the Spradling Family Plot.